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Radio to VO! Easy Right?

So, you're making the jump from broadcast radio to a career in Voiceover? Easy… right?

You may even be saying to yourself right now:

Hell Yeah, I got this!"


"It's a no-brainer!"


"No Problem, I’ll just slap together a home studio and start printing money!

I used all those words just a short 15 months ago. I spent 20 years in broadcast radio. I wouldn't trade it for anything after working up the ladder from a board operator to Program Director/Morning show host in markets like Phoenix and Nashville. Wow, what an unforgettable wild ride that was!

But...that was then! The corporate mentality and monopolization of broadcast radio over the last ten years successfully removed "personality" from the airwaves and replaced it with "vanilla" flavored jukebox jocks, simply tasked with providing the front and/or back sell, positioning statement and sponsor promo. Screw that! Why tolerate sub-standard pay and job insecurity in exchange for being able to do what I love, if I didn't love doing it anymore? ohh, hell no!

So I decided to make the jump to the “Easy Life!”


Hell Yeah, I got this! I've been writing, producing, and voicing commercials since the days of reel-to-reel. With a splicing block, sharp razor blades and an ear for the ‘cut’, I was writing, voicing and editing spots right out of the gate. (Oh, an ample supply of band-aids was a must here also) It was just always easy for me.

It's a no-brainer! Everybody always loved my voice, copywriting and production skills so Voiceover should be easy too! Of course my skills were mostly offered for free...errrr, I mean “added value” for the client, which may have had something to do with how much they enjoyed my work. Ha!


“No Problem, I’ll just slap together a home studio and start printing money!” I proclaimed. "My skills are so refined that clients will be stumbling over each other to hire me". Oh how my head swelled with confidence and disregard. Ooops! It turns out failing to properly research and plan for the many different aspects of what this business would truly require of me, was my biggest mistake right out of the gate.

That's how my unexpected journey from Radio to VO began. Now having barely survived the consequences of those mis-steps, I feel compelled to write this blog in hopes of helping others avoid the same mistakes. Warning, you may laugh, you may cry, you may even scream at the top of your lungs along the way - I did! But come along for the ride, if you dare, and I’ll share the journey with you. Whether you come from a broadcast background or not, if I'm able to save you some heartache, time and/or money as you start your journey into the world of Voiceover, it will have been worth the time spent blogging about it.

(plus my therapist said it would help!?) cool!​

Thanks for “listening”!

Tim Andrews

Next week: "What now? Studio? Demo? Website? Where do I start?"

None of the above my friends, None of the above!

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