November 19, 2015



In the first 8 weeks of my new blog “Radio to VO: My Unexpected Journey”, I focused heavily on accepting the facts about transitioning from a career in broadcasting to a career in voiceover.




1. My/Your extensive experience in broadcast media will carry a stigma wit...

November 4, 2015




Before you choose to produce your own demo or hire a demo producer, heed these words from my favorite VO demo producer, Chuck Duran of Demos that Rock:





The late Lee Marshall (voice of Tony the Tiger) saved me from...

October 20, 2015



If you ever ‘rode’ the board for a live radio shift then yo have these demons lurking within you too! They are those ‘announcer’ voices in your head which were guided you to your on-air success in the fast paced, highly competitive broadcast industry.

You love those...

October 9, 2015





To Blog, or Not to blog? I asked myself that for months because c'mon man, would anyone really be interested in the good, bad and ugly decisions I made as I transitioned from broadcast radio to voiceover artist, business and studio owner?





October 5, 2015




Now that you’ve decided the voiceover industry should no longer be deprived of your vast experience and creative skills, coupled with the fact that your Program Director just ‘dropped by’ after your Friday morning shift and asked “Got a minute?”  What now?




September 25, 2015









So, you're making the jump from broadcast radio to a career in Voiceover? Easy… right?

You may even be saying to yourself right now:

Hell Yeah, I got this!"


"It's a no-brainer!"  


"No Problem, I’ll just slap together a home studio and start printing mon...

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Radio to VO: Got 17 minutes? That's how quick a Professional VO Demo could change your life!

November 19, 2015

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September 25, 2015

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