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Radio to VO! Best Blog Comments 2015 THANKS!

To Blog, or Not to blog? I asked myself that for months because c'mon man, would anyone really be interested in the good, bad and ugly decisions I made as I transitioned from broadcast radio to voiceover artist, business and studio owner?

Apparently the answer was yes! Cool! In the first two weeks of this planned public journal of my completely unexpected journey to VO the response and commentary received is much more than I expected. The positive, kind and thankful words of encouragement, similar experiences and interest you have sent about this new blog are greatly appreciated! So, HELL YEAH!! I’m going to keep the Radio to VO Blog rolling until you can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore or we catch up to present day, whichever comes first. Cool? Every Monday is my current blog schedule, fyi.

Thank you so much for the replies, likes, follow and shares you have given this old radio guy (org) so far. It means a great deal! If you see your comment below and I misquoted you or you would just prefer I didn’t post it, no problem. A quick email and I will take care of it!

“Radio to VO! Fighting the announcer demons on your 1st VO Demo”

Blog #4 on Monday 10-12-15!

In the meantime did I mention that…

“It’s Frrrriiiiddddaayyyyyyyy!! Can I get a Hell Yeah!?

Tim Andrews Voice

Actual humans,not actors paid to act human below :o)~

Sean Sullivan

“Congratulations! That was the first post about getting into VO work that I found to be helpful. Thank you for that! It was very helpful. Looking forward to future posts.”

Steve Stanley

“Please continue writing the helpful articles you supply, as they are useful. I'm really drawn to you're honest approach and appreciate it.” (partial)

Chuck Davis

“Been there Tim. Radio and VO have almost nothing in common. Former radio are always surprised at the amount of learning, legwork and investment needed just to get a foot in the door. BTW - Good read!” (partial)

Jason Burns

“Great post, Tim. Thank you for sharing! Could not agree more.”

Randy Thomas “Tim you are right on the money!” (partial)

Cathy Carver: My sweet Aunt & 1st Coach/Director at age 3, I was hooked!

“I love your brutal honesty. And that you're generous enough to share it.”

Jean Spanko: The Most Beautiful, Talented, and Loving Mom Ever!

“Can't wait for the next installment!”

Lauren Holladay ·

“Lovin' your blog...been down that same road my friend!!!”

Tim Keenan-(Retweeted)

“Transitioning from Radio to VO: Here's 3 steps to starting your VO business that @TimAndrewsVoice says CAN WAIT!

Traci Klemetson Crotteau

“I too am making the jump from broadcasting to voice over! It will be fun to read about your journey. Godspeed!”

Gary Terzza

“Great post +Tim Andrews Voice. It is indeed a giant leap from broadcast to VO, but one well worth risking.

John Weeks

“It's only just beginning +Tim Andrews Voice! Good luck and all the best!!!!!”

Larson Bennett

“As an O.R.G. I enjoyed this post!”

Kristy Liles

"No way, next week or to be continued doesn't work with such nice story, I want more NOW! Lol Great article”

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